Breadbot Info

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The BreadBot? 

-  The BreadBot, produced by Wilkinson Baking Company, is a first-of-its-kind, fully automated bread making machine.

-  The BreadBot goes to from flour to loaf all on its own, harnessing the marvels of modern technology to take us back to the old world with its artisan bread that is tasty and nutritious.

-  Compared to center aisle bread, The BreadBot produces loaves that are fresher, healthier, preservative free and eco-friendly.

-  It mixes, forms, proofs, bakes and cools ten loaves of bread per hour – all on its own.

What is The BreadBot’s production capacity?

-  The BreadBot can be programmed to produce up to 10 loaves per hour and can operate up to a 24 hour duty cycle, aside from 30 minutes for daily cleaning (yielding a maximum of approximately 235 loaves per day).

-  Startup at the beginning of the day (which can be programmed to start on its own before personnel arrive) delivers the first loaf in 90 minutes (from dry ingredient to finished loaf).

-  Subsequent loaves come as frequently as every 6 minutes.

-  Capable of making most varieties of bread that require dry ingredients – including white, wheat, whole wheat, nine grain, sourdough and honey oat. The bread can even be organic if preferred.

What do consumers like about The BreadBot?

-  The BreadBot creates a healthier, more flavorful product than the bread from the center aisle, and is produced in a fully transparent process, enabling consumers to see exactly when, where and how their bread is made.

-  The BreadBot produces bread free from unhealthy additives, such as excess sugar and preservatives.

 By allowing consumers to watch their own loaves of bread come out of the oven, the BreadBot provides them with transparency and trust in both the product and the process. 

Why should retailers/food providers choose The BreadBot?

-  Retailers using The BreadBot can benefit from a 20-fold lift in bottom line profit margins through the elimination of the costly current bread distribution process, as well benefiting from increased consumer interest and maximized employee productivity.

-  In the age of home delivery, The BreadBot attracts consumers back to the store. Consumers want the fresh, delicious bread that is produced with theater and engagement.

-  Retailers can get a head start on their daily production demands by scheduling The BreadBot to start baking hours before they open.

-  The BreadBot increases a retailer’s bread sales by 30 percent. 

How does the BreadBot compare to a commercial baker?

-  Nearly half of topline revenue as a commercial baker is spent on the process of factory oven to store shelf transport and related out-of-date product waste.

-  The BreadBot’s 22-square-foot machine is more automated than a $75 million bread factory, and there is no trucking required to distribute the produced bread.

-  With no post-production distribution costs, The BreadBot can return 17 times more net income per square foot.

-  While factories require as much as 13 square feet of space to produce one loaf of bread per hour, Wilkinson uses a retailer’s existing building space, adding no additional brick and mortar.

What is unique about The BreadBot’s technology? 

-  The BreadBot contains 70 sensors to monitor bread quality and bread location.

-  Constant adjustments on a millisecond basis from mixer speed development of the loaf, forming time and speed, proofer temp, proofer humidity and oven temperatures.

-  A laser in The BreadBot’s cabinet determines the bread’s height and makes further recipe adjustments to ensure the subsequent loaves reach their height goals. A photo is also taken for color matching to ensure the bread is the exact shade of brown it should be. Substandard loaves are placed in discard tray.

- Loaves that have been touched by human hands are also detected and discarded.

Where is The BreadBot found currently? Where is it manufactured?

-  Three of the top five retailers are committed to testing with BreadBot.

-  While the The BreadBot has been test-marketed in several different locations, it is currently in
operation in one location, at Andy’s Market in College Place, WA.

-  All BreadBots are designed, assembled, and tested in Walla Walla, WA.
How much does the BreadBot cost?

-  The BreadBot will not be sold, so there is no price for the unit.

-  It will be leased. As is typical of leases, there are multiple factors that determine the ultimate lease payments, so it is not possible to state a specific lease price.

What is the Wilkinson Baking Company?

-  Headquartered in Walla Walla, WA, Wilkinson Baking Company is passionate about changing the way we purchase and consume bread, making fresh bread universal to Americans with The BreadBot.

-  The Wilkinson Baking Company is the operating brand of a group of companies founded and managed by the Wilkinson family.

-  The companies own international patent and IP rights to a wide range of claims related to The BreadBot, extending the original inventive spirit of Richard Carlson.

-  The Wilkinson family has a 35-year history of multiple, successful startup companies.