The Mini Bakery

shaking and baking things up

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The Mini Bakery, the first of its kind, is pioneering a fully automated way to bake bread. It mixes, forms, proofs, bakes and cools bread all on its own. From autostart to notifying employees when bread needs to be sliced, the breadbot is packed full of features and has the potential to revolutionize the bread industry as we know it. 


Fully Automated

Consistent ingredient measurements

Produces 10 loaves an hour

120" x 53" footprint

Hot loaf self-serve option


Introducing Bread… Again



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In the Store

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The best thing since...

Fresh  bread




The Mini Bakery is placed in a store where customers can see, smell, and interact with the bakery. This brings jobs to the communities the bakeries are placed.



Little to no waste and low transportation costs means delivering a high quality product to the customer for less.



Customers can purchase a cooled and sliced loaf an hour after it's been baked, or pick up a hot loaf 18 minutes after it has exited the oven with the self-serve option. It's a new kind of fresh.



With over 20 sensors monitoring the bakery a hundred times each second, the BreadBot is like a state of the art factory crunched into a small machine.

Our Planet


Waste is minimal to none, as the number of loaves baked can be tailored to daily demand. Dry ingredients are the only items shipped, reducing transportation to one sixth of commercial bakeries.

give water


Giving back is important in life. By drilling  wells in Mozambique,  Africa, each loaf purchased provides clean water.

 Eat Bread, Give Water. 


Fixing an age-old problem

The Old vs the new


The old model

The old model mass produces bread in a large, centralized factory, ships the bread to distribution centers, and then ships that bread to stores. This model requires tens of thousands of trucks on the road and leaves the customer with less than a fresh loaf

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A new model

The new model distributes the bread factory to the store and bakes locally. It eliminates the need for a truck to deliver bread and allows the customer to take fresh bread minutes after it's been baked. A better loaf and better for our earth.




less wasted bread

 baking for daily demand


more efficient shipping

shipping dry mix instead of loaves of bread



baking on site vs in factories

“Imagine a world where firms automate manufacturing close to target markets
instead of shipping long distances from cheap production centers.”
— Worth Wray, Economist

The bread

Simple and Oh so good

No preservatives, high quality seeds, grains and flours...a clean label


Seeds And Grains

USDA Organic

This is a hearty loaf of bread packed with extra seeds and grains for those who like a little crunch. It's an excellent source of grains and fiber. It makes a great sandwich loaf.


Nine Grain

All Natural

The Nine Grain is a tasty mixture of seeds and grains combined with a whole wheat blend of flour. It's our favorite hot out of the oven loaf because of the way it slices and smells. It's a good source of grains and fiber. 



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Homestyle Wheat

All Natural

The Homestyle wheat is our most artisan loaf. Each loaf that comes out of the oven is unique. It has beautiful tears on the top of the loaf and has a lighter airy taste. It has a 50% blend of whole wheat flour and a 50% blend of traditional flour mixed with oats. 

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Walla Walla, WA

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