As bread consumers, we want to know when our bread is mixed and baked, how it's created, what it's made with, and where it's coming from. 

When bread is coming from large factories, most of the time answers to these questions aren't available. When starting Wilkinson Baking Company, we created a whole new concept that provides customers with upfront answers to these questions.

The idea is simple. Instead of one large factory providing bread to hundreds of supermarkets miles and miles away, we decided to bring a small factory to the supermarkets themselves — ensuring freshness and giving customers knowledge about their bread we feel they deserve.

We call this small factory the Bread Bakery. It's the world's first fully automated machine of its kind. It takes dry mix and turns it into a beautiful, hot loaf in 96 minutes. It makes 40 loaves an hour, with a new loaf created every 90 seconds. Pan bread has never been fresher. The entire process is transparent and visual, allowing customers full access to their loaf. The questions of when, where, what and how are answered. 

Price is important to us. Because our model reduces labor, transportation costs, and is much more efficient, we can eliminate many of the factors that drive up the price of bread and pass the savings to the customer.

The Bread Bakery is just the beginning for us in our goal to offer a new option in buying bread. We are creating many new products that will only enhance our model of baking locally and delivering bread we believe all customers deserve.