How it works

Features and Specs

Size & Production

120" x 53"

The Mini Bakery was specifically designed for grocery stores. It allows customers to know exactly where, when, and how, their bread was made. Transparency is the name of the game.

10 Loaves an Hour

After 2 years of in-store testing, we’ve found the optimal production for a typical grocery store to be 10 loaves per hour.  

Stop & Start

Autostart & Stop

Because of the autostart option, stores can schedule the Mini Bakery to start baking up to three hours before the store opens. This allows for a head start — if necessary — to meet daily production demands. Start and stop baking times and the desired number of loaves can also be scheduled 3 months out.

Intermediate Baking

The Mini Bakery spreads production evenly throughout the day once the desired number of loaves and times to start and stop baking are set. This allows hot bread to be made all day long.

Employee Friendly

It Asks for Help

The Mini Bakery will ask for help throughout the day. Examples of messages it sends include: "Please empty the cabinet of bread", "I need more mix", or "I'm finished baking today". This allows the bakery staff to spend on average only 40 minutes a day pouring mix and slicing bread.

Self Cleaning

After baking for the day, the Mini Bakery will ask to be washed and to run an auto cleaning cycle to clean out the mixing pot. An employee is still needed to wipe down surfaces, but the auto cleaning cycle does most of the work, saving employees time and energy. 

Fully Automated

Consistent Loaves

All measurements are unique by recipe and constantly monitored by the system. From the water temperature and mixer speed, to the proofer humidity and loaf height, sensors are always monitoring what's going on.

Dry Mix to Baked Loaf

Once dry mix is added to the hopper the process is fully automated. The Mini Bakery sends a message to an employee when the hopper is ready to be filled with more mix or bread needs to be emptied from the cooling cabinet.

Monitoring & Support

Visual Display

Each Mini Bakery has a touchscreen with a visual display that allows store staff to monitor every aspect of the bakery. Employees can monitor important bakery functions such as oven temperature, bakery status, the number of loaves made and the time until the next loaf exits the mixer.

Wilkinson Support

Each store is assigned a representative that will monitor the bakery off-site and work with the staff to answer any questions. If an issue arrises, the representative is close by to help and make sure things run smoothly.