we had you in mind.

The Mini Bakery was designed so that you can watch your bread being made.

It creates a beautiful golden loaf every 6 minutes - 10 loaves every hour. That means there's always fresh bread every time you visit your grocery store.

All-natural bread mix it added to the hopper and precisely mixed with water and yeast to create a soft ball of dough. It’s kneaded, then rolled out and dropped into a pan. Over the next hour and a half, your loaf slowly makes its way through a humidity-controlled proofer and into the high-temperature top oven. 

Imagine a world where firms automate manufacturing close to target markets instead of shipping long distances from cheap production centers.
— Worth Wray, Economist


from dry mix to finished loaf

96 minutes

loaves per hour


Number of loaves before refilling




70" x 29"

Square feet


Varieties made at once