Why Water?

The Story


It was during a trip to Ethiopia that Ron Wilkinson came up with the idea for turning bread into water.

On that trip he met Dr. Larry Thomas, a California physician and founder of the Tropical Health Alliance Foundation, and Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS, the shoe and eye-wear company. When starting TOMS, Mycoskie promised to give a pair of shoes to a child in need for each pair of shoes TOMS sold. 

Over a lively dinner one evening, Ron, Blake, and Dr. Thomas discussed what it truly meant to be a business with a social conscience. Ron was inspired by their serious commitment and expressed his desire to make a similar impact with Wilkinson Baking Company. 

Ron feels the most urgent need in Africa is for clean, safe water, so he started our water program - Eat Bread, Give Water.

Wilkinson Baking wants to make a difference in the world beyond selling bread and we’re determined to work with communities to make a positive impact.

We'll never measure our success just by how many wells we drill, but by how well they serve their communities over time. That's why on every project we fund, we commit additional money for future maintenance.

This is a continuous project with new relationships being formed. Please visit this page for future “Eat Bread, Give Water” updates.



Drilling Wells in Mozambique

The community determines the location for the new well.

Takes about 1 day to complete the well

Concrete is poured and the well is built

Clean water


The Water Project

A more in-depth look at how it works

Eat Bread, Give Water

How a loaf gives water