"We were disappointed to arrive at the Super 1 store in Sandpoint, Idaho, specifically to purchase your wonderful bread only to discover the machine had just been removed. There were still six homestyle loaves on the shelf so I bought five of them, four of which went into the freezer.
We live 10 miles north of Priest River, ID which is about 25 miles west of Sandpoint. We were so impressed with your ultra fresh 9 grain bread that we began making the trip to the Super 1 store once a week to get your bread and of course did other grocery shopping while there. We had not shopped at that store prior to discovering your bread baking machine.
I don't know why you removed your machine but we thought you should know that we would have gladly paid a dollar a loaf more and still made a weekly 60 mile round trip just to get it. Please let us know if you have another of your bread baking machines anywhere in the area."
-Sandpoint Customer (after mini bakery beta test was completed)
"I just want to say I was blown away this week.  I thought we would have a good week but nothing like this.  Congratulations to all of you, and I am very proud to be a part of this high level team.  I really think we can change the bread world.  The compliments I got this week from the customers on the bread makes me want to work harder on this project as these breads are turning into my true masterpieces.  To see people actually waiting up to 30 minutes for a loaf of bread is unheard of out there in the bread world and the ultimate compliment to all of us."
-Formulator for a large international milling company
"The moment I saw the Bread Bakery effortlessly producing fresh bread I knew it was the future of bread and that I had to be a part of the Wilkinson Baking team!” 
-Philip Lynch, CEO of IAWS/Aryzta Foods (World’s largest par bake manufacturer) 1983-2003
"Thank you for allowing General Mills to be part of the amazing story that is the Wilkinson Baking Company. We have many customers, but none in my 9 years with the company has caught my attention so completely as has Wilkinson.  Entrepreneurialism is finding opportunity where others have not.  Some might think that reinventing the fresh loaf of bread is crazy.  Others like Wilkinson, approach such challenges with vision, passion, commitment, and conviction.  In time, your invention will be seen as nothing short of ingenious.  When that day comes, I want to say, "I knew them when they had just one machine, two engineers, and a dream."
-Salesman with General Mills
"The most innovative invention in the baking industry in the last 100 years."
-Chair of the British Columbia Chapter Baking Association of Canada