What people are saying

“Compared to center aisle bread, The BreadBot produces loaves that are fresher, healthier, preservative free and eco-friendly.”


“BreadBot is the Toast of the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show”

-Food & Wine

“The highlight of the event was yummy, fresh bread baked on the spot by the Breadbot.”


“And honestly it’s delicious.  It cuts down on delivery costs and means that fresh bread is actually fresh.”

-Wall Street Journal

“With the Breadbot, human intelligence has been replaced by 20 data-gathering sensors that monitor the bread 100 times a second and adjust the baking process in real time.”

-Washington Post

“By automating bread making, the BreadBot increases sales and decreases environmental impact.”

-Gadget Flow

“The BreadBot, as it's called, is being pitched to supermarkets as a way to deliver fresh bread to shoppers who are increasingly worried about the ingredients in their foods.”

-US News & World Report

“First, robotics is clearly moving off of the manufacturing floor. Smaller robots and robotic processes are becoming cost effective in many areas of business and spreading their use, such as bread baking machines by Wilkinson Baking Company that fit in grocery stores.”


“… we look forward to having you participate in our 2019 annual Best of CES.”


“CES 2019:  The coolest tech you have to see… The BreadBot”

-USA Today

“The Bread Bot is no ordinary vending machine.”

-Better Homes and Gardens

“Another kind of robot got a lot of attention at CES this year for making one of America’s favorite foods, bread.”

-Voice of America

“The Consumer Electronics Show is the grandest tech event on the planet with offerings that could be the best thing since sliced bread, such as a machine that bakes and vends loaves.”

-The Mirror (UK)

“What do you get when you cross a vending machine and a loaf of bread? The bread bot, of course!”


“The robot bread maker came to Las Vegas this week (CES 2019), aiming to bring some freshness to a sector that may be ready for disruption.”

-Agence France-Presse

“Better than sliced bread: Eco-friendly BreadBot poised to disrupt commercial breadmaking scene”  

-Bakery and Snacks

“Could the BreadBot be the greatest thing ever?  Maybe.” 


“In what could be yet another landmark in world domination, robots are now able to bake bread from scratch.”

-Smithsonian Magazine

“Meet BreadBot, an automatic bread-baking robot vending machine at CES”

-Chicago Tribune

“I ate a slice of one of the machine's freshly made loaves, and it really did taste delicious.”


“BreadBot, toast of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show”

-National Post

“According to Business Insider, the robotic baker is poised to takeover bread production and distribution in supermarkets (unfortunately, it’s not for home bakers – yet!).”

-Food & Wine

“CES 2019: Robot Chefs Ready To Make You Burgers, Fries, Bread, Coffee”  

-Investors Business Daily

“The Wilkinson Baking Company is on a roll at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, dominating the early publicity with its BreadBot.” 

-Gray News/CNN

“…the editors at CNET are taking the Bread Bot very, very seriously.”


“Sleeping robots to automatic bread baking machine: Top unconventional products at CES 2019” 

-Hindustan Times

“Wilkinson Baking Company shows us a machine with several technical advantages. The first one is that food waste is reduced, since it can be adapted to the demand of the store itself.   Secondly, the need to bring whole trucks to the supermarket to offer bread to customers is eliminated.” 

-Burbuja Foro de Economia

“AWARDS (CES 2019):  Most talked-about tech: BreadBot, an automated vending machine that can bake bread, the smell of which wafted all over the show floor”


“It was fascinating to watch in action, had a wonderful aroma, and the product was delicious.”

-Writers Guild of America West 

“Future Tech:  BreadBot Lures People Back to Grocery Stores”


“Bringing the bread factory to the store”

Auburn University Food Systems Institute

"The moment I saw the Bread Bakery effortlessly producing fresh bread I knew it was the future of bread and that I had to be a part of the Wilkinson Baking team!”

-Philip Lynch, CEO of IAWS/Aryzta Foods (World’s largest par bake manufacturer) 1983-2003

“(BreadBot) Most impressive of the CES 2019”


“When BreadBoat says fresh, they mean it.”

-Interesting Engineering

"The most innovative invention in the baking industry in the last 100 years."

-Chair of the British Columbia Chapter Baking Association of Canada

"We were disappointed to arrive at the Super 1 store in Sandpoint, Idaho, specifically to purchase your wonderful bread only to discover the machine had just been removed. There were still six homestyle loaves on the shelf so I bought five of them, four of which went into the freezer.
We live 10 miles north of Priest River, ID which is about 25 miles west of Sandpoint. We were so impressed with your ultra fresh 9 grain bread that we began making the trip to the Super 1 store once a week to get your bread and of course did other grocery shopping while there. We had not shopped at that store prior to discovering your bread baking machine.
I don't know why you removed your machine but we thought you should know that we would have gladly paid a dollar a loaf more and still made a weekly 60 mile round trip just to get it. Please let us know if you have another of your bread baking machines anywhere in the area."

-Sandpoint Idaho Customer (after mini bakery beta test was completed)

“All Rise! This Bread Vending Machine Is the Best Thing at CES"

-Tom’s Guide

“More likely is the BreadBot will show up at your local store where you can purchase freshly made bread with no preservatives. The idea sounds like a delicious way to improve health.”  

-Healthcare It Today

"I just want to say I was blown away this week. I thought we would have a good week but nothing like this. Congratulations to all of you, and I am very proud to be a part of this high level team. I really think we can change the bread world. The compliments I got this week from the customers on the bread makes me want to work harder on this project as these breads are turning into my true masterpieces. To see people actually waiting up to 30 minutes for a loaf of bread is unheard of out there in the bread world and the ultimate compliment to all of us."

-S. Simon, ADM

“Meet BreadBot!  US staple food will now be served hot”

-CIO Bulletin

“Even better, the darn thing (BreadBot) is designed to be an attraction, so stores can place it in a busy section to serve as a robotic baking showcase. You know, one of those things stores can use to make people stick around an area long enough to sell them even more stuff.”

-Cool Things

“CES’s World-changing Innovations of 2019….. Wilkinson breadbot was the toast of the show.”


“As the big Consumer Electronics Show kicked off on Sunday, it was a Pacific Northwest company that turned heads with its prototype of the BreadBot.”  


“This may seem as one of those “why the hell do we need that” kind of products, but it’s actually just pure genius and will make it on the global stage.”


“Wilkinson Baking Company hopes to bring the best smell in the world to your local grocery store with its new bread making robot, the Breadbot….The BreadBot is part of a larger trend of automation and robotics enabling more localized creation of food types that are normally made in a big factory somewhere.”

-The Spoon

“I constantly watch Innovation, the device which you created can be considered a masterpiece.”

-G. Gochitashvili

“CES 2019 is officially in the books and it was definitely one to remember.  This year’s showcase featured a self-automated bread bakery.”

-Edison Nation

“But among all the ludicrous inventions, there’s always a few genuine gems that actually sound very cool.  This year, Wilkinson Baking Company presented “BreadBot”, a pretty promising robot.”


"Thank you for allowing General Mills to be part of the amazing story that is the Wilkinson Baking Company. We have many customers, but none in my 9 years with the company has caught my attention so completely as has Wilkinson. Entrepreneurialism is finding opportunity where others have not. Some might think that reinventing the fresh loaf of bread is crazy. Others like Wilkinson, approach such challenges with vision, passion, commitment, and conviction. In time, your invention will be seen as nothing short of ingenious. When that day comes, I want to say, "I knew them when they had just one machine, two engineers, and a dream."

-D. Huse, General Mills

“The latest example of this odd pairing of old and new is the Breadbot, an autonomous bread-making machine that mixes, kneads, bakes and cools bread without human assistance.”

-Washington Post

“Nice work @WilkinsonBaking -- #breadbot *is* all it's cracked up to be! I had my doubts, but that robot makes some tasty, preservative-free sandwich bread.”

-K. Wallerius, Twitter

“CES 2019, one of the most important technology events in the world, began today.  One of the most interesting things that has been seen so far is Bread Bot.”

-N + 1 (translated from Spanish)

“2019 CES: BreadBot:  freestanding bread making machine, the future of retail”

-Sync Media Network (SMN)

“This year one of the most talked about products on day one is a bread baking robot called the BreadBot.”

-TLR Technology

“This product (BreadBot) will blow your mind.  I say it blows your mind because the bread tastes fantastic.  This is a hit.”

-Sync Media Network

“#CES2019 has barely started and the internet is already all hyped up about this #BreadBot by @WilkinsonBaking. Maybe that's exactly the vibe we needed for 2019!”

-Swissnex Boston 

“The #breadbot was all the rage”

-M. Maher @

“This is my favorite thing I’ve seen at #CES. The @WilkinsonBaking#breadbot. It makes ****extremely good**** bread. 

-E. Sullivan@

“Robots that give the gift of carbs -- they're the real future.”


“As the big Consumer Electronics Show kicked off on Sunday, it was a Pacific Northwest company that turned heads with its prototype of The BreadBot.”

-Digital Wissen

“Breadbot machine is talk of CES”

-WPXI Pittsburg (NBC)

“The system (BreadBot) is aimed at re-establishing an “emotional connection with the shopper” that has been lost in an age of industrial food production.”

-Food Ingredients First

“Breadmaking robot built in Washington grabs the attention as CES kicks off in Las Vegas” 


“Attendees at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) are wafting in the glorious smells of freshly baked bread created byWilkinson Baking Company’s BreatBot.”

-ECN Magazine

“While many food robots seem undercooked (pardon the pun) the BreadBot might actually be a goer. Consumer trends demand locally sourced food and if The BreadBot is as good as it sounds, it could actually save local groceries and deli time and money.”   

Interesting Engineering

“How do you improve on something that’s already such a staple of modern life? You automate it in a cool, new way. There really is nothing like biting into a fresh, warm loaf of baked bread. But, how often are you around to have that moment?” 

-Edison Nation

BreadBot takes center stage at CES 2019

-ABC7 Chicago

“Let’s take a quick look at some of the most exciting launches at the CES 2019:  The BreadBot”


“One of the stars from the first day (CES 2019) was Wilkinson Baking’s BreadBot”

-Strategic Finance

“New machine takes flour to loaf all on its own”

-Baking Business

“The Breadbot proved to be another highlight of the show (CES 2019).” 

-The Daily Mail (UK)

“Wilkinson Bread Company just put Walla Walla, WA on the map! The breadbot is here. Automated bread making. Finalist for CES 2019 Award.”

-S. Harris