The Bread Bakery

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World's first fully automated bread bakery

It measures. It mixes. It kneads. It forms. It proofs. It bakes. Forty loaves per hour and 96 minutes from dry mix to baked loaf — with two varieties baking simultaneously. Each loaf is created separately, in a single batch, and the whole process is fully visible, from start to finish. 


Bread Bakery Features

From dry mix to finished loaf

96 minutes

Loaves per hour


Number of loaves before refilling




129" x 50"

Square Feet


Varieties made at same time



What Makes Our Bakery One-of-a-Kind

Fully Automated Process

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Set a start time and allow the Bakery to run without human interaction. It notifies you if any issues arise. 

Transparent and Visual

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See your bread go through the entire baking process. It's visual and fun to watch. No need to ask where or when your bread was made.

Fresh Product

A customer can buy a hot loaf straight from the oven. All bread is made from dry mix and all natural products.


Mobile Access

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Can't make it to the bakery in the morning? No problem. You can fully control and track the Bakery from anywhere in the world through your laptop or phone. 

Safety First

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The Bread Bakery is both UL and FDA compliant. There is a built in error/notifications detection system to ensure optimum safety for users. 

Many Options

Add brown sugar and cinnamon to a base mix in the hoppers to blend and bake a holiday favorite. The Bakery has 7 controls to make your favorite varieties in a perfect way. 

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The Bread Bakery is


more efficient, compared to an average bread factory.

Transporting dry mix is 


more efficient than shipping bread.

According to U.S. Government data for commercial bread factories creating a 24 oz. loaf of bread, and a Bread Bakery creating at least 200 loaves per day.

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Business Model

Wilkinson Baking Company (WBC) believes in building business partnerships for growth and success.  The business model for this partnership is simple - WBC will provide Bread Bakeries to its partner, giving the partner the the ability to make, bake, market and sell bread to its customer base. WBC does not require any upfront capital or start up costs, you only pay for the bread you bake. The Bread Bakeries will be delivered at no cost, in return the partner will pay WBC a baking fee per loaf baked on the machines. 

This baking fee and mix cost will come in at or under the current whole sale cost of comparable bread in the area. We want our partners to succeed and this model to be profitable for all parties involved.




Bakes and sells bread from the Bread Bakeries 


Delivers Bread Bakeries and provides ongoing support



You only pay for the bread you bake

1. Mix

Wilkinson Baking provides and distributes specialized organic and all natural mixes to its partner at cost.


2. Per loaf baking fee

The partner will pay a per loaf baking fee for all sellable loaves made on the Bread Bakeries. This covers all aspects of maintaining and servicing the bakery. This includes, but is not limited to, upgrading equipment, support, capital costs, and data analytics. 


Bread Bakery in Action

Here is a look at our machine in a supermarket setting.