The Shop, the Team, the why

Made in Walla Walla, WA


All bakeries are designed, assembled, and tested in Walla Walla, WA. Our team is comprised of talented individuals from unique backgrounds that have come together around a common goal of changing how bread is made and distributed


The Shop

Where we Design and build


The Team

THe Group that makes it happen

Executive & Marketing


Ron Wilkinson


Randall Wilkinson

Business Development

Denver Wilkinson


Design & Engineering

Head of Design and Engineering

Paul Brandauer

Design and Engineering

Jonathan Fitch

Design and Engineering

Brian Atkins


Operations, Finance, & Legal


International Operations

Meizhu Lam

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Finance and Accounting

Katie Hammond



Eric Wilkinson



Tom Mann


The Why

Why we do what we do


Better Product

There are a lot of wonderful local bakeries that provide a great product to stores and their customers. We love that model and wish that was the norm. But in reality, most pan bread is made in large central factories and shipped across the country. The bread is usually days old and packed with preservatives to give it a longer shelf life. This is less than an ideal loaf of bread. We believe that we can change that by baking bread locally and throughout the day. Then customers can always have the choice to get a loaf that is minutes out of the oven. And have the option for sliced bread that was made the same day. We believe this is a better model and provides a much better product

A Clean Earth

To transport millions of loaves of bread across the country, it takes a very large fleet of trucks and fuel. This is a problem that could be reduced to almost one sixth of the current trucking by baking locally. When bread is mixed and baked in the store, the only item that needs to be transported is dry mix and yeast instead of a completed loaf of bread. 

Bread wastage is also a big issue. Current numbers suggest that 18% of all bread is thrown away due to bread sitting on a shelf past it's sell by date. This is a logistics issue that the Mini Bakery solves by baking for the daily demand in the store. In our current locations, the stores have less than 1% of bread wasted due to over-production.   

Big Picture

We believe that one the most important things we can do in life is to give back. We admire individuals and companies who give back significant resources to make this world a better place for everyone. Our company has chosen to give clean water by drilling wells in Africa. We believe that 5 bakeries can drill a well each year. This provides hundreds of people with clean water thus helping stop the spread of disease and illness. It's also a way for people to buy bread and know it's helping to better our world. And doing good is always good.